programs for veterans

Welcome Home is deeply committed to honoring Veterans and providing services that will help restore their lives. All support and services are customized to meet the needs and goals of each individual Veteran.

Provide 32 transitional housing rooms, with 34 beds, for homeless Veterans and families, including a separate corridor for female Veterans. 

Provide supportive services to at-risk Veterans to help secure permanent, affordable housing options. 

Provide job readiness training and direct support to help Veterans find and keep meaningful employment. 

We know we can’t do it alone, so we’ve gathered information about other resources available to Veterans who are homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless. 

Get Help

If you, or someone you know, are homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless, please contact our office at 573-443-8001 to schedule an interview or contact us by clicking on the “Get Help Now” button.